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** NOTICE this page is updated Yearly - (in August) **

On Line Tax Payment Portal
(Pay Your Taxes On Line)

The Duplin County Tax Office has available to the public information on land values, ownership of property and improvements to property. Most title searches begin by checking a parcel's property record card for deed and previous ownership information. Appraisers and real estate brokers looking for sales and market trends of property continuously review the sales/transfer files of the tax assessor's office.

The Duplin County total property tax value for 2017 is $3,687,770,290. The number of Duplin County taxable (non-exempt) parcels are 37,943.

The county tax rate for 2017 is .695 cents per $100. Click to see prior tax years table

The county solid waste fee for 2017 is $90.00 per household.

Taxes Billed for 2016
County Tax $25,630,069.74
Fire Tax $740,535.85
Solid Waste Fee $1,527,827.40
Late List Penalty           $45,447.05
Total Billed $27,943,880.04

The listing period for all taxes, real and personal, is January 1st through January 31st each year. There is a 10% penalty for not listing personal property before January 31st. Personal property includes unlicensed motor vehicles, airplanes, boats & motors, mobile homes, motor homes, etc.

Business personal property in Duplin County has the same listing period as all other taxes. Extensions can be applied for in writing and must be in the tax office or postmarked by the US Postal Service by January 31st.

Elderly exemption: Click Here for more information.

However the requirements include:
  • Must be at least 65 Years Old
  • Live in the Home in Which You are Applying for the Exemption
  • Total Household Income Cannot Exceed $29,500
  • Application Deadline is June 1st

Land use is a deferred tax that is available for agricultural, forest & horticultural land. Contact the assessor's office for income requirements and other details.

The requirements include:
  • Agricultural - 10 Acre Tract in Actual Production
  • Forest - 20 Acre Tract with Forest Management Plan
  • Horticultural - 5 Acre Tract in Actual Production
  • Application deadline is January 31st
**Please note that all deferred taxes must be paid before transfer of property to a non-qualified owner. Contact the tax assessor's office for the amount of deferred taxes due.

Private hauler exempts $20.75 from the solid waste fee. Subject to Change**

The requirements include:

Mobile home permits are required by law for the movement of any singlewide or doublewide mobile home and are issued by the tax collection office. Forms for Permits

Requirements include:
  • All Prior Year and Current Year Taxes Must be Paid in Full
  • Current Owner and Address
  • Carrier Name and Address
  • Year, Make, Size & Serial Number of Mobile Home to be Moved
  • Location Moving From
  • Location Moving To
**Mover Can be Charged with a Class 3 Misdemeanor For Not Obtaining and Displaying a Permit

Tax identification numbers are issued by the tax assessor's office and are required to obtain a building permit.

Effective April 1, 2003 all deeds creating a subdivision of land of any size are required to have a GS 47-30 recordable map (18 x 24) to accompany said deed. This map must have signature and approval of the Duplin Planning Department by order of the Duplin County Planning Board.

Arial photography is available Duplin County GIS Web Site. Arial photographs of parcels and areas of the county are available in various sizes with various features (lot dimensions, road names, parcel owners, various district lines, flood plains, etc).

Real property value appeals should be made to the tax assessor's office before the Board of Equalization and Review adjourns. The board usually meets once in April and once in May. Tax assessor's office should be notified in writing of an appeal by the end of March in order to have all records, appraisals and other information necessary for the first meeting.

Personal property value appeals must be made before 30 days from the date of the tax bill.

Licensed motor vehicle Beginning with September 2013 renewals, the Department of Motor Vehicles will be collecting the county and/or town taxes on all regular licensed motor vehicles.  When you receive the invitation to renew from DMV it will include taxes and tag fee in one bill.

The county tax office is still responsible for the value and situs that is placed on the vehicles.  Once the invitation to renew is received from DMV, you are encouraged to review the tax situs and value that is placed on the vehicle.  If the situs or value appears to be incorrect, please contact the tax office prior to paying the bill with DMV.  Adjustments can be made after a bill is paid, but the refunds with the new system may take up to 8 weeks to process.

Vehicles and trailers that have pernament or multi-year tags are required to be listed at the tax office with the regular personal property listing every year in the month of January.

Interest on property taxes is 2% the first month and .75% each month after until paid in full. Property taxes become delinquent on January 6th of the year following the tax.

Collection procedures for delinquent taxes are, but not limited to, the following:
  • Garnishment of Wages
  • Attachment of Bank Accounts
  • Attachment of Grower Payments
  • Debt Set-Off (Attachment of NC State Refund Checks)
  • Seizure of Property
  • Foreclosure
**All information is subject to change

Mailing Address: PO Box 968, Kenansville, NC 28349
Location: 117 Beasley Street (Hardison Building)
Assessment Office: Phone: (910) 296-2110 Fax: (910) 275-1871
Collection Office: Phone: (910) 296-2112 Fax: (910) 296-2331
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

UPDATED 1/15/2016