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Goals and Objectives
Economic Development Partnerships

The Duplin County Economic Development Commission strives to recruit new industry and support existing industry within Duplin County.

Economic Development's Mission:
  • Promoting job growth
  • Diversifying the County's industrial mix
  • Expanding the local tax base
  • Providing research data and printed materials for business & industry

Executive Summary
Duplin County Strategic Plan


Increased effectiveness of public service delivery by county government

Core Values

Integrity:  Honesty, self-respect and ethics in interacting with all citizens.

Responsibility:  Capability to follow through on ambitious goals

Security:  Freedom and independence to pursue goals for the common good.


Education:  Provide for high quality education system
Promote sales tax referendum & other funding options to provide facilities
Infrastructure:  Protect and expand investments in infrastructure.
                             Land use regulations
                             Sewer expansion

Economic Development:  Develop Duplin County products and services.   
Public/private development organization with emphasis on retail expansion

Healthcare:  Support preventive wellness and treatment. 
                             Wellness facilities and programs
                             Medical care facilities & services


More specific action steps for each of the broad goal statements will be further developed by the two existing committees that continue from the 2002 planning effort.  These groups will make periodic updates to the commissioners.