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“According to the 2010 census and area information, Duplin County serves as a residence for 58,505 people. Across the various towns and rural areas, Duplin County is growing from slightly over 49,000 people in 2000 to almost 59,000 presently. Our temperate climate, low tax rate, close proximity to more than 5 military bases, and the recreational opportunities are but a few of the credits given our growth.”

Duplin County is primarily an agricultural area, but also serves as home to a variety of other industries. The majority of Duplin's citizens are high school graduates, while some have gone on to higher educational institutions.

Duplin County's more populated areas include: Wallace, Warsaw, Rose Hill, Beulaville, Faison, Magnolia, Kenansville—the county seat, Greenevers, Calypso and Teachey.  Duplin County reflected a more than 19% growth from the 2000 Census and is one of the faster growing Counties in the Region.

Source: www.census.gov

updated on 2/13/2012